Why Two Web Sites?

Are you discombobulated?

Something’s Out of Whack!

Maybe you have noticed that there are two domain names that I use for art websites. There’s a reason.

I have dozens of business cards out in the cosmos pointing people to vgiglioart.com

My new site, the one you are on, is vgartist.com – it has a blog and a gallery page with lots of links to my different art projects.

My genius friend, Mary O’Connor of Shandon Studios, suggested the change. I’m so glad. It’s easier to spell, says “very good artist” (VG artist) which is also my initials, and people can remember it without a card.

I’ve tried to work the two sites into one another so that people don’t miss the old while enjoying the new.

For example, the Drawings gallery is on the site vgiglioart.com

3 Dimensional art collages are on vgartist.com

Blog entries on vgartist.com guide you back and forth. But here’s a hint: if you get lost, try to lose yourself in the art galleries enjoying the art!

And furthermore, I answer to both of these emails:



vg@vgartist.com (easier to remember, right?)

Write to me any time!