Hello my friends….

I thank you for looking at my art and reading my words.

I’ve been an artist as long as I can remember – and I have a looooong memory – but I didn’t have the courage to call myself an artist until about two years ago. That’s when friends (Mark and Jackie) encouraged me to have a show. Those pieces can be seen elsewhere (I’ll share the link in a minute).

The work I am showing here is different and is more reflective of the happiness I feel at this moment of my life. I use the word “moment” in full appreciation of both the fragility and strength of the word. (You can read about that in yet another place I will share later when I find it on virginiagiglio.com

At age 71, and in excellent health, I’m experiencing a clarity of thought about and pride in my lifetime artistic efforts.

B. C. Forbes wrote….

“When we are young, and some of us, never get over it, we are apt to think that applause, conspicuousness, and fame constitute success. But they are only the trappings, the trimmings. Success itself is the work, the achievement that evokes these manifestations. The man or woman who values the applause more than the effort necessary to elicit it is not apt to be deafened, at least not for any length of time. Concentrate on your work, and the applause will take care of itself.”

I received some applause for that first show, but it wasn’t the applause but the showing that made me an artist.

And it took some courage, because the little body of work was the product of a long and dismal depression.

You can see the old stuff at vgiglioart.com and it was shown under the title of “Whimsical Women.”

Now I want to show the fruit of unashamed naive creativity – work that brings me joy to view. I hope you feel the joy and walk in it with me for a few moments.