In 2020, Covid time, I redoubled my efforts to find ways to make art out of refuse. It seemed to me to be a very important message – double down on trying to save the world from trash.

There’s a kind of plastic used for snacks and nibbles that is non-recyclable in our bin, they tell me. But it’s so shiny and colorful I wanted to make art out of it.

These do not compost or recycle!

So started stringing strips of it with a needle and thread.

Just ordinary needle and thread.

I made garlands for the Christmas tree.

Then I added magnetic findings (catches) or used elastic thread to make bracelets.

Bracelets with magnetic catches

I didn’t sell these – I gave them away to everyone who stood still long enough to take one. I wanted to show the utility of something that is totally useless and hard to get out of our environment.

If it doesn’t move, why not try to make art out of it?

PS I still get a lot of use out of my Christmas garlands – package decoration, wreaths, wall decor around picture frames, party necklaces, etc.