• Beads Beads Beads

    Here are some beads I’ve made from paper. Paper jewelry is very lightweight!

  • Brigid’s Crosses

    I love the shape and design of Brigid’s crosses – the craft of making them is widely known. When I moved to Ireland in 2018, I planned to learn this skill I thought it would be cool to try to make them from recycled paper tubes. Wikipedia says: Brigid’s cross is typically woven on 1…

  • Very Ornate Ornaments

    One of these hangs in the Blackrock Castle Café every Christmas! These are constructed from Christmas balls covered with my paper swirls. I have a few for sale. Hmmmm – must put these in the Gallery! A little pile of pretty!

  • Sunset on America

    I used this painting as a visual to back up the video of a song I wrote with Scott Chard of Oklahoma City. Scott is one of the most brilliant musicians I have ever met. I wrote the lyrics, and Scott wrote the music and performs on this video. Baffled Broken and Betrayed Both the…

  • Shoe Collages

    Here are some happy little shoe collages in a video. These wee dotes were made from magazine advertisements and various scraps of fancy paper. I hope you enjoy them! They would make nice closet art!

  • Bracelets

    In 2020, Covid time, I redoubled my efforts to find ways to make art out of refuse. It seemed to me to be a very important message – double down on trying to save the world from trash. There’s a kind of plastic used for snacks and nibbles that is non-recyclable in our bin, they…

  • Crisp Bag Wackiness

    Please enjoy a fashion show creations made from recycled materials! This video was made during Covid times when I hoped to inspire everyone to redouble their recycling efforts.

  • Why Two Web Sites?

    Are you discombobulated? Maybe you have noticed that there are two domain names that I use for art websites. There’s a reason. I have dozens of business cards out in the cosmos pointing people to vgiglioart.com My new site, the one you are on, is vgartist.com – it has a blog and a gallery page…

  • Possible Scarves

    I’d wear these every day! Would you wear one on any day?

  • Paper Trays

    Yes, these are really made out of paper! They are wipeable but don’t immerse in water please! The post about these resides on virginiagiglio.com and here it is: New Tray Basket Thingie